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Welcome to the Sistahood!  



Sistahood & Wellness provides a safe space for YOU

to feel seen, be heard, and HEAL.


It's time for therapy if...

  • You are tired of being "strong" for everyone.

  • You feel overwhelmed, fatigued, or anxious.

  • You feel hopeless, lost, unmotivated, or withdrawn.

  • You feel unheard in your relationship. 

  • You have unprocessed trauma or grief.

  • You struggle with loving yourself. 

Meet Kieara Pittman, LCSW #SW21898

Black Therapist, Virtual Therapy, In-person Therapy

Hey Ya'll ! 

My name is Kieara but, I am affectionately called 'Ki' by my clients and friends! 


I am a Black Woman (capital B), Wife, Boy Mama, Big Sister, Navy Veteran, and all around “gworls girl.”


If you’re here, it means that you are ready to change your life! I was in your shoes once, searching for someone to help me find ‘me’. I was tired of doing the same stuff, feeling the same way, and not getting anything done…for real.


What is most special about my practice is the ‘Sistahood’ aspect. My clients come to me on some of their worst days, so being able to mirror what love looks like, express understanding, and just genuinely care is what I love about what I do every day. The saying “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” is so true! With this concept, I have been able to build healthy therapeutic relationships with my clients while also gently redirecting them to healthier ways to cope and express themselves!


As long as you are willing to try, we will be a good fit. I am committed to helping! I can’t ‘do the work’ for you but, I can guide you along the way! 

If you want to learn more about my educational background and experience...Click here! 


Your therapy sessions will be tailored to your unique emotional needs. With weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions to support your healing journey. 




Private Pay 

(60 min)  


Every couple experiences highs and lows. Couples therapy can provide a safe space to practice listening, vulnerability and reviving.




Private Pay 

 (75 min)


You are not alone!  

Group work with people that have experienced similar situations leads to maximum healing. 

Various topics surrounding self-love, inner-child healing, and marriage. 



*Coming soon*




Available to speak on podcasts, at workshops, schools/universities, and other hosting engagements.


Various topics surrounding mental health, Black women, & self-love.


*inquire via email*

"Give yourself some GRACE!" 
(it's ok not to be ok!)

Listen, I get it! Reaching out for help is hard! Kudos to you for having the courage to do something for yourself! There is so much strength in your vulnerability! *applause* 

Finding a therapist you relate to can also be difficult. I'll admit, I may not be for everyone but, I may be just right for YOU! Everyone who joins 'The Sistahood' will be treated with kindness, respect, and empathy. (Trust me, you'll love it here!) 


​ Take the first step by completing an inquiry below! 

My 'People'

I work best with those who are WILLING to do the work. 

I typically treat people who are dealing with: 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Imposter Syndrome & Self-Love

  • Inner-Child Healing & 'Mother Wounds'

  • Depression & Anxiety

Adults 21+



Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 12pm-6pm 

Wednesday: 10am-6pm 

Thursday: 12pm-6pm 

Friday: 12pm-3pm 

Saturday: 10am-2pm (Biweekly)

Sunday: OFF 

Let's get started! 



Fax: 813-761-0961

Chat soon! Check your spam for my email! 

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